Refurbished Welch Allyn PCR-100 PC-Based Resting EKG Interpretive Software

Sale price$2,495.00


A PC-Based ECG device that reduces artifact and provides clear tracings. The PCR-100 PC-Based ECG by Welch Allyn is their first EKG machine designed to be used with a PC. It can transform any laptop or PC workstation into a 12-lead resting ECG system. The PCR-100 allows you to view real-time waveforms of your patients, helping to avoid repeated ECGs and saving time and money. It also offers cost savings by printing on standard plain copy paper using a regular inkjet printer. The MEANS and PEDMEANS interpretative software by Welch Allyn assists in clinically diagnosing patients with confidence. With its muscle tremor filter and digital ECG module, the PCR-100 ensures clear waveforms and has a high sampling rate of up to 600 samples per second. The standard PCR-100 PC-Based resting ECG package includes MEANS interpretive software, Cardioperfect workstation software, USB cable, and acquisition module. The item comes ready for use with all necessary accessories included, and it is backed by a 1-year parts and labor warranty.

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