Refurbished Welch Allyn CP 100 ECG System

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This Refurbished Welch Allyn CP100 ECG System is a 12-lead multichannel ECG device with interpretation. It is a user-friendly and fully-featured system that offers advanced options to streamline your workflow. The CP100 comes with powerful and easy-to-use software, a full alphanumeric keyboard, a color LCD, and dedicated function keys. It allows you to customize reports and generate printouts for your records. The system is battery-operated, providing mobility and flexibility. Its instant-on feature allows quick power-up, enabling you to perform an ECG at a moment's notice. The CP100 also includes a help feature for accessing patient education tools and system operation information. It has storage capacity for up to 50 ECGs, allowing for later review and editing of patient data and interpretation. You can also add SD cards for virtually unlimited data storage. The schedule test mode allows you to enter patient information at the beginning of the day, optimizing your workflow. Additionally, the system offers administrative functions with password controls to ensure HIPAA compliance. It uses standard SD cards for data storage and transfer, and with the Welch Allyn CardioPerfect Workstation software, you can seamlessly view, analyze, store, and transfer your data. The CP2A-1E1 model includes 12-lead multichannel ECG interpretation. The Refurbished Welch Allyn CP100 ECG Machine package includes the CP100 ECG machine, a pack of 10 alligator clips, a patient cable, a pack of 100 resting electrodes, a power cord, and a pack of EKG paper. It is covered by a 1-year parts and labor warranty.

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