Refurbished Schiller AT-2 Plus EKG Machine

Sale price$1,595.00


Schiller AT-2 Plus EKG Machine: The refurbished Schiller AT-2 Plus EKG machine is an affordable, easy-to-use, and reliable EKG machine. It features a standard alphanumeric keyboard for entering patient data and produces a full-size 8.5 x 11-inch printout that can be easily scanned into EMR systems. The AT-2 Plus includes a large, high-resolution screen for viewing signal quality before printing. It comes with Schiller's standard interpretation software. The AT-2 Plus can also be upgraded with PFT (Pulmonary Function Testing). The package includes the refurbished Schiller AT-2 Plus EKG system, a pack of 10 alligator clips (AC-NIK), a Schiller AT-2 Plus patient cable, a pack of chart paper, an AT-2 Plus user manual, a hospital-grade power cord, and a 1-year parts and labor warranty (Depot).

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