Refurbished GE MAC 800 ECG Machine with Interpretation

Sale price$895.00


Refurbished GE MAC 800 EKG Machine with Interpretation: The refurbished GE MAC 800 EKG Machine is a compact and reliable ECG system that allows healthcare professionals to listen and evaluate patients' heartbeats and heart rhythm. It offers portability and data storage capabilities, enabling the storing, sending, and analysis of data from anywhere in a hospital or even globally. The machine can seamlessly connect to MUSE and CardioSoft for data over-read or review. Connectivity options include LAN, modem SD card, and serial port. Advanced features like Marquette 12SL, Hookup Advisor, ACI-TIPI, and RR analysis enhance reliability and contribute to faster diagnosis and treatment. The EKG machine is fully refurbished and includes brand new accessories and lithium batteries. The package consists of the refurbished GE MAC 800 EKG system with interpretation, a MAC 800 patient cable, a pack of adapter clips, a pad of chart paper, an operator's manual disc, a pack of resting electrodes, and a power cord. It comes with a one-year parts and labor warranty.

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