Refurbished GE MAC 5500HD Interpretive EKG System

Sale price$3,495.00


Refurbished GE MAC 5500 HD Interpretive EKG Machine: The Refurbished GE MAC 5500 HD is a highly advanced interpretive EKG machine with 15-lead analysis capabilities. It features a 10.4" backlit color AM LCD display and a full alphanumeric keyboard for easy input of patient demographics. The machine offers single-button operation for printing, storage, and transmitting, streamlining workflow. It provides full-page printouts and utilizes gender and age-specific interpretation criteria for generating a 12SL diagnosis. The MAC 5500 HD includes a QRS and P-wave signal averaging program that enhances measurement accuracy. It offers various options such as AT modem for data transmission, interpretation for printing 12SL diagnosis on EKG reports, color selection on the display screen, wireless transmission of EKGs, HD pacemaker detection with a CAM HD acquisition module, fax modem for data transmission via fax, GEN 12SL for gender and age-specific interpretation criteria, barcode reader for collecting patient data, Ethernet LAN for connection to a local area network, and a mobile cart for easy transportation and storage of accessories. The package includes the refurbished GE MAC 5500 HD EKG system, selected options, and an 18-month warranty.

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