Refurbished GE MAC 1600 EKG Machine

Sale price$1,995.00


Refurbished GE MAC 1600 EKG Machine: The GE MAC 1600 is a highly advanced diagnostic EKG machine designed to provide accurate and reliable results. It features GE's 12SL ECG analysis program, which offers diagnostic confidence and a second opinion to the interpreting physician. The machine is equipped with the Hookup Advisor feature, which helps improve signal quality by alerting technicians or doctors if the patient is incorrectly hooked up. This feature reduces the need for repeat ECGs and minimizes wasted paper. The MAC 1600 offers various connectivity options, including EMR, MUSE, or GE's Cardiosoft. To connect via EMR, you can purchase the XML export option, allowing you to export data in XML format to an external SD card. The machine also supports LAN communication for direct connection to MUSE or GE's Cardiosoft ECG database. Additionally, the MAC 1600 can be upgraded to include stress testing capabilities, compatible with the GE T2100, T2000, GE eBike, and Trackmaster TMX425. This EKG machine is suitable for small private practices, small-medium cardiology offices, or mid-size urgent care facilities. The package includes the refurbished GE MAC 1600 EKG system, a pack of alligator clips, a patient cable, a pack of resting electrodes, a power cord, and a pack of EKG paper. It comes with a 1-year warranty.

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