Refurbished GE MAC 1200 EKG Machine

Sale price$1,495.00


The Refurbished GE MAC 1200 EKG Machine is a compact and portable 12-lead resting EKG system designed for acquisition with or without analysis. It offers configuration options to suit specific settings and customizable features to input patient data easily. The system features a full-size keyboard that is easy to clean and a large backlit LCD display with adjustable contrast. It can print full-size paper reports using its integrated thermal printer. The display provides information on lead groups, operation mode, lead check, heart rate, AC filter, muscle her, ADS, gain speed, and patient information. With its built-in battery, the MAC 1200 allows for mobility and can be used wherever needed. It provides accurate measurements, interpretation, and the option for simultaneous 12-lead EKG acquisition and analysis. The system uses the GE Marquette 12SL algorithm for accurate and reliable interpretation. It also offers programmable report formats and the ability to store up to 40 EKGs in internal memory for later review and editing. You can also connect the MAC 1200 to a PC for data transfer, storage, and analysis. The refurbished package includes the MAC 1200 EKG machine, patient cable, alligator clips, leadwires, a power cord, EKG paper, and an operation manual. It comes with a 1-year warranty for parts and labor.

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