Refurbished Burdick Atria 3100 EKG Machine

Sale price$1,495.00


Refurbished Burdick Atria 3100 EKG Machine: The Burdick Atria 3100 is a compact and easy-to-use EKG machine that offers reliability at an affordable price. It features a backlit LCD, a standard keyboard, direct function keys, and an intuitive menu for easy operation. The machine comes with Ethernet connectivity and the option to export PDFs. It includes the Accuprint feature for clear printouts with patient information and interpretation. The Atria 3100 can store up to 50 EKGs and provides accurate diagnoses. The package includes the refurbished Burdick Atria 3100 EKG machine, a patient cable, a pack of alligator clips, a pack of electrodes, an operation manual, a pack of EKG paper, an AC adapter, and a power cord. It comes with a 1-year parts and labor warranty.

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