Refurbished Burdick 8500 EKG Machine

Sale price$1,995.00


Refurbished Burdick 8500 EKG Machine: The Refurbished Burdick 8500 EKG Machine is a user-friendly, high-performing, and versatile unit suitable for primary care use. It offers the convenience of exporting records to network drives, USB, or EMRs, with the capability to store up to 300 EKG records for historical review. Ethernet connectivity is standard, and wireless 802.11 compatibility allows seamless communication with HeartCentrix connectivity software. The machine features a cleanable keyboard, dedicated function keys, and an intuitive menu for easy data entry, patient information review, and action execution. It can produce manual or automatic high-quality three, four, six, and twelve-lead EKG printouts. Known for its durability, the Burdick 8500 EKG Machine is suitable for various office settings. The Glasgow Royal Infirmary algorithm ensures accurate interpretation based on clinically significant variables. It comes with a 1-year depot warranty and includes brand new accessories.

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