Kendall Q-Trace 5400 Resting Electrode

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The Kendall Q-Trace™ 5400 Diagnostic Tab Electrode is a trusted and leading choice in Resting EKG electrodes. Engineered with excellence, the Q-Trace™ 5400 offers exceptional adhesion suitable for a wide range of diagnostic applications.

Key Features:

Patented Conductive Adhesive Hydrogel: The electrode's firm adhesion, repositionability, and low impedance ensure clear and reliable tracings. Additionally, it minimizes adhesive residue, making patient clean-up hassle-free.

Two Different Adhesive Levels: The Q-Trace™ 5400 is available in two adhesive levels to accommodate various skin types, applications, and monitoring scenarios, ensuring optimal performance in every situation.

Laminated Carbon Vinyl: Designed to conform to the skin, the electrode provides flexibility and torsion relief. Its radiolucency feature allows for easy imaging during medical procedures.

Silver/Silver Chloride (Ag/AgCl) Sensing Element: The Ag/AgCl sensing element plays a crucial role in making the electrode defibrillation recoverable, enhancing patient safety.

The Kendall Q-Trace™ 5400 Diagnostic Tab Electrode is packaged conveniently with 100 electrodes per pouch and 10 pouches per inner carton (1" x 7/8"). For bulk orders, it is available in a quantity of 4000 electrodes per case.

Designed specifically for resting ECG applications, this electrode ensures superior performance and accuracy. Its adhesive hydrogel provides optimal signal quality, making it an essential component for precise diagnostic readings.

Choose the Kendall Q-Trace™ 5400 Diagnostic Tab Electrode for reliable and efficient EKG monitoring, backed by its exceptional features and proven market leadership.

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