GE Marquette Ultra Archivist (2007854-001)

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GE/Marquette EKG Chart Paper - Ultra-Archivist™ 2007854-001: High-quality thermal paper with a 100-year warranty for trace legibility. Designed to minimize paper jams with its heavy weight construction. Provides clear and precise traces for accurate readings. Compatible with GE CASE 12, CASE 15, CASE 16, CASE 8000, Centra, MAC 6, MAC 12, MAC 15, MAC 1000, MAC 1200, MAC 5000, MAC 5000ST, MAC VU, MAX-1, MAX Personal, MUSE 45/G Writer, MUSE 1000, MUSE 3000, MUSE 5000 systems. Features red color grid with a blank interpretation area for easy analysis. Sheet size of 8.5" x 11" (216mm x 280mm) with a convenient Z-fold design. Each pack contains 250 sheets, and each case includes 8 packs. Specifically fits MAC 1200, MAC 5500, and 5500 HD models. Trustworthy and reliable with 250 Sheets/Pad, 8 Pads/Case for your EKG recording needs.

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