GE Marquette Archivist (9402-023)

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The GE/Marquette EKG Chart Paper - Premium 9402-023 is a high-quality chart paper designed for GE ECG systems. It features an exclusive chemical composition that resists trace fading for 5-7 years when stored properly. With clear and precise tracings, it ensures easy reading and analysis. This premium thermal paper is specifically designed for the GE MAC PC Electrocardiograph and is available in a red grid color. Each roll measures 2 channels and is 4.25" x 75' (50mm x 30M) in size. It comes in a convenient package of 2 rolls per box and 18 rolls per case. This chart paper is compatible with MAC PC and Eli 100 ECG systems, and it's an excellent choice for your EKG recording needs.

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